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List of Black APO Chapters

This is a compiled list of Black Chapters, according to my research (these numbers may be slightly off and will be updated as time goes on).

APO has had a chapters on 53 HBCU campuses. Currently, 16 are active.

Chapters highlighted in yellow are still active, chapters in red are schools that have been closed, the rest are inactive.

There are around 14 chapters on PWI chapters that are predominantly or fully African American. A list of these chapters are below.

There are a total of 30 predominantly or fully black chapters. There are 369 chapters of APO. HBCU Chapters make up about 4% of the fraternity. HBCU & predominantly or fully African American PWI chapters combined currently make up about 8% of the fraternity.

The top of the table below are HBCU chapters, the bottom are PWI chapters.

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